Wandering Nobody – Travel. Life. +Etc.

You gotta know who is behind the screen.

Who am I?

Aside from my Wondering Nobody persona – I’m somebody by being a charter-school Speech-Language Pathologist by day, a medical Speech-Language Pathologist by evening, and a girlfriend and dog-mom for the rest of the hours that are left.

The boy, the dog, and the job

What do I like to do?

Well, we already know I love pizza; sitting on my couch with pizza, Netflix, the dog, and the boy are is definitely on my top 5. I also love to travel. Remember when I said I’m not glamorous, but sometimes do glamorous things? That’s what I meant. I work my tail off to save enough to travel. Mix that in with Instagram filters and it looks pretty glamorous. 🙂 I also love to read thrillers and watch anything involving True Crime #SSDGM. (Throw your recommendations at me!) When I’m motivated, I do aerial fitness to stay in shape.

Current obsessions:

Escaping Polygamy, A&E Investigates Cults & Extreme Belief, Triscuits, coffee mugs, The Office, Mad Men, flair pens, and La Croix

Random tidbits:

I love the color green and all variants of it. I think I’m the only female that doesn’t like rosé – only dry red for me, please. I’m obsessed with essential oils and natural remedies. If I could, I would own a massive amount of land and have a dog rehabilitation farm. My name is Karlie and I’m a subscription box addict (there, I said it).

Teamwork makes the dream work.

And because we’re keeping it real here…a candid shot one of my kids at work snapped of me:


OK – so there’s a start about me…let’s hear about you. Drop me a comment below or send me a message! (Anyone? Bueller?) Don’t forget about those thriller and True Crime recommendations!

Recent Posts

TRAVEL HELP: Solo Travel Advice

So, I naturally want to know everything I can about what it’s like to solo travel. What to expect, how to prepare, and any other advice from other solo travelers out there. I speak very minimal Spanish, so that is going to be a barrier. I can literally get by to order food/drinks and a very, very basic conversation, but anything past that…I’m screwed. I tried Duolingo and I can talk about apples and bread all day, but I have a feeling that won’t do me too much good.

HELP ME PLAN: Havana, Cuba Solo Trip

This weekend, I reached out to one of my friends and asked if she wanted to spontaneously book a trip for spring break and I was looking at Havana. Within 45 minutes, we had our flights booked and our seats picked out next to each other. The next morning she had to sadly tell me that she confused work dates and couldn’t go anymore. BUT, I’m not cancelling and will be taking my first solo trip.

My January Reads – Girl, Wash Your Face & The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Hey guys! One goal of mine this year is to share with you the books that I’ve read. I love hearing what others think about novels, so I’m hoping this will help you decide what to open next (or not to)! This month I read Girl, Wash Your Face and The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Completely different books, but both were really good reads in my opinion. This year is my year of self-discovery, so I am trying to read one self-improvement book and one guilty pleasure book per month. We’ll see how that goes as the year goes on, but that’s the plan as of today. 🙂 

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